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Taylor Dayne

  • Though many sources say she was born Leslie Wonderman, Taylor Dayne was the name her mother gave to her when she was born, being that at the time her mother's last name was Dayne and her Father's last name was Wonderman.
  • When Taylor was 6 months old, her mother and father officially got married on September 7, 1962.
  • At the same time, unbeknownst to Taylor, her demanding father legally changed her name to Leslie Wonderman. According to Taylor's mother, this particular name change was done in order to prove that her father was in fact a demanding and selfish man. When in high school, Taylor was in a band with three other girls who called themselves Felany. Dayne even remembers one of the girls asking her, "If you could have any name in the whole wide world, what would it be?" When this question was asked, Dayne responded matter-of-factly, "Taylor Dayne." Then on March 7, 1980, 18-year-old Leslie Wonderman, as she was known back then, shocked the world when she legally changed her name back to Taylor Dayne! In the legal statement she made to the court officials, she said, "I will now go back to using the name my mother gave me when I was born, instead of this Leslie Wonderman name that was given to me by my selfish and demanding father. This name change will be done as a means for me to gain the popularity that I once dreamed of, the popularity that I so deserve, and to free myself from all undesirable relationships." In an interview with The Jamaica Star, she said, "No, it wasn't just somebody's idea. I truly am Taylor Dayne! That's really my name now. I changed it a long time ago."
  • Dayne was discovered singing Folk songs at a Brooklyn night club that catered to Russian immigrants.

80's Hits

Tell It To My Heart

90's Hits

Can't Get Enough of Your Love
I'll Be Your Shelter

Jazz Music

I'll Always Love You

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