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Terri Clark

  • 2007 CCMA Awards
  1. Terri Clark won the Kraft Cheez Whiz "Fans' Choice" Award.
  2. Terri Clark was nominated for "Female Artist of the Year."
  • Terri's grandparents are Canadian country musicians.
  • Terri Clark's favorite place to visit is Paris.
  • Terri Clark's favorite song that she has written is "No Fear."
  • If Terri Clark wasn't a famous singer, she would have been in law enforcement.
  • Terri Clark's mother is her biggest influence in life.
  • Terri Clark can't stand phoniness and pretension.
  • One of Terri Clark's bad habits is biting her nails.
  • The best time of Terri Clark's life was her first hit single being released.
  • In high school, Terri Clark was known as being goofy, crazy, and a wild woman.
  • The first album that Terri Clark ever owned was from 1980, Barbara Mandrell's Love is Fair.
  • Terri Clark gets mistaken for Sandra Bullock a lot.
  • Terri Clark would love to do a duet with either Bonnie Raitt or Sarah McLachlan.
  • Terri Clark's favorite thing to do on Sundays are lying on the couch and watching movies with her dog, with the curtains drawn and candles lite.
  • Terri Clark loves to take long hot baths by candle light at night.
  • Terri Clark would love to meet Jesus Christ.
  • Terri Clark loves to relax in her living room with some candles and wine.
  • Terri Clark's favorite memory from childhood is her mom singing to her and playing her guitar.
  • Terri Clark's favorite perfumes are Jo Malone, Mandarin, Basil and Lime; and CKBe.
  • Terri Clark's favorite movies are The Other Sister and Shrek.
  • Terri Clark loves her Pizza Hut pizzas with mushrooms, pepperoni and cheese on them.
  • Terri Clark's favorite foods are prime rib, chocolate covered almonds, french fries dipped in gravy, and Pizza Hut pan pizza.
  • Terri Clark's favorite color is purple.
  • Terri Clark loves to cook, read and go camping.
  • Terri Clark went to Crescent Heights High School, Medicine Hat, Alberta in Canada.
  • Terri Clark can play the guitar and drums.
  • Terri Clark's wedding was featured in a November issue of People Magazine.
  • Terri Clark has endorsed the Justin Boot Company since 1996.
  • Terri Clark wore custom made cowboy boots by Justin Boot Company to her wedding in 2005.
  • Terri Clark's wedding dress was designed by Amy Michelson.
  • Terri Clark was nominated for "Favorite Female Artist" and the "Star You Would Like to See More in Country Weekly", for the Country Weekly 2005 Readers' Choice Awards.
  • Terri Clark's CD, Life Goes On was the biggest first week album sales ever for her.
  • In 2005, Terri Clark donated a signed collector's edition poster that celebrated her induction into the legendary Grand Ole Opry, an autographed copy of her new CD, Life Goes On, and the black satin shirt that she wore in the performance on the poster to charity.
  • Terri Clark's video The World Needs A Drink was nominated on GAC for top 50 videos of the year in 2005.
  • In March of 2006, Terri Clark left Mercury Records to sign with another label.
  • In June of 2006, Terri Clark signed with BNA Records, which is part of the Sony/BMG label group.
  • In July of 2006, Terri Clark was voted one Of Country Music's Most Beautiful Women. She ranked number 7 out of 10.
  • Terri likes watching the series Six Feet Under.
  • Terri married Greg Kaczor on September 17, 2005. They divorced on February 16, 2007.
  • Terri is 5' 10.5" (1.79 m).
  • Terri divorced musician Ted Stevenson in 1996 after six years of marriage.


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