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The Bravery is an alternative rock band with electronic influences, formed in New York City in 2003. Their musical style has been compared to The Strokes, New Order and The Killers, amongst others. They are best known for three songs - 2005’s “An Honest Mistake”, 2007’s “Time Won’t Let Me Go” and 2008’s “Believe”. The band consists of Sam Endicott (vocals, guitar), Michael Zakarin (guitar), John Conway (keyboard), Mike Hindert (bass) and Anthony Burulcich (drums).

Their HQ is on the corner of Mott and Broome, on the edge of New York’s Chinatown. Push through the graffiti-ed door, clamber up the rotten stairs, past the sweatshops, and you’ll find the place. It’s where the Bravery have spent the past two years planning operations, obsessively working up their wire-y garage-electronics, and occasionally venturing out into the city to play the results.
Their first gig was in the Stinger Club in Brooklyn in 2003. Twelve months later, their name was plastered all over the Lower East Side to celebrate a sold-out residency at Arlene’s Grocery on Stanton. In that time, the Bravery — singer/guitarist Sam Endicott, guitarist Michael Zakarin, bassist Mike H, keyboardist John Conway, and drummer Anthony Burulcich — had honed their sound to a dark garage-electro and made sure everyone knew what they were all about.

Formed during the height of New York City's post-punk revival in 2003, the Bravery took equal influence from dance music and stylish indie rock. Comprising Sam Endicott (vocals/guitar), John Conway (keyboards), Anthony Burulcich (drums), Michael Zakarin (guitar), and Mike H. (bass), the band got its start in early 2003, several years after Vassar College classmates Conway and Endicott (formerly of the Pasties) performed in the collegiate ska outfit Skabba the Hut. After relocating to the Big Apple, the two assembled the Bravery and began performing stylish dance rock. An introductory gig at Brooklyn's Stinger Club gave way to a residency at Arlene's Grocery, and whispers on the street eventually led the Bravery to a recording contract with Island Def Jam in the States. They also signed with Loog in the U.K.

After the Unconditional EP appeared in early 2005, critics quickly pounced on the band, with the Village Voice proclaiming the Bravery as "New York's Official Next Big Thing" while MTV and Rolling Stone deemed them an artist to watch. A co-headlining tour with Ash in spring 2005 coincided the release of the Bravery's self-titled album, which produced two moderately successful singles in "An Honest Mistake" and "Unconditional." After more rounds of touring, the Bravery eventually decamped to the studio with producer Brendan O'Brien (Rage Against the Machine, Neil Young) to work on their next album. Splitting their recording time between Atlanta and N.Y.C., the group's resulting The Sun and the Moon, which explored added textures and new instrumentation, surfaced in May 2007. For 2009's Stir the Blood, the band returned to the new wave-tinged sounds of its debut and worked with producer John Hill. During the time Hill was working with the Bravery, he was also working with Shakira, and offered her a song he and Endicott had written that became her hit single "She Wolf."

The Bravery is an American rock band from New York City that consists of Sam Endicott, John Conway, Anthony Burulcich, Michael Zakarin, and Mike Hindert.
After the death of his sister, Burulcich moved back to his childhood home in Long Island New York to be with his family. On the day Burulcich was moving, while driving with his belongings in a Uhaul truck, Endicott called him. Endicott and Burulcich were introduced by mutual friends in NY band Bishop Allen.
The band played their first gig at the Stinger Club in Brooklyn in November of '03. To promote their local shows, they manufactured 1,000 posters and 3 song samplers containing the songs “An Honest Mistake,” “No Brakes,” and “Public Service Announcement.”
The Village Voice proclaimed the Bravery to be "New York's Official Next Big Thing" while MTV and Rolling Stone hailed them as an artist to watch.
The band were also tipped in the BBC News website's Sound of 2005 poll as 2005's most promising act.




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