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The Dave Clark Five

The Dave Clark Five (also known as "The DC5") were an English pop rock group. Their single "Glad All Over" knocked the Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand" off the top of the UK singles charts in January 1964: it peaked at number 6 in the United States in April 1964.

They were the second group of the British Invasion on The Ed Sullivan Show, appearing in March for two weeks after the Beatles appeared three straight weeks in February 1964. For some time the Dave Clark Five were more popular in the US than in their native UK, but had a renaissance in the UK between 1967 and 1970. The group disbanded in late 1970. On 10 March 2008, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

After 6 years at the top of the charts and the changing face of pop music, the DC5 disbanded in 1970. Dave Clark and vocalist / keyboardist Mike Smith continued to work together as a duo releasing several recordings before each going their own way in 1973.
The Dave Clark Five were the first to dislodge the Beatles from their number one spot on the British charts with the song Glad All Over in January of 1964.
As a response to the Beatles' early promotion as the Mersey Beat Sound from Liverpool, the Dave Clark Five pushed themselves as the Tottenham Sound from North London.
In what would prove to be a shrewd business move, Clark paid for his first recording out of his own pocket, retaining rights to the record. This allowed him to demand three times the normal royalty rates from EMI with the ability to adjust the royalties higher if the first two albums took off, which they did. Clark kept all publishing and rights to the group' catalogue and after pulling it from the market for twenty years, reissued it as a collection to massive demand.
Just before embarking on a concert tour in 2003, lead singer Mike Smith slipped and fell down a flight of stone stairs at his house in Spain, fracturing his neck at the age of 59. He remains paralyzed from the shoulders down
During the early days of the band, Dave Clark worked part time as a stunt man in movies, and used the money he made in films to pay for the recording of their first record.
Dave Clark started studying the martial arts at the age of 8.
Before their international fame, The Dave Clark Five won a gold cup for being the "best live band in Britain".
Dave Clark turned down appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show because he wasn't aware of who Sullivan was. The show called a second time, offering to pay all expenses and Dave finally said sure. It was only after they got to America and performed on the show did they learn how big the Sullivan show was.
Clark had never played drums prior to putting together the DC5.
After a concert in Chicago, just prior to takeoff, officers boarded the DC5's private plane and forced Dave Clark to deplane with them without explanation. They made Clark get in a car and drove him to the opposite side of the airport, where he was then taken up into Air Force One, where President Lyndon Johnson greeted him and asked for an autograph for his daughter.
After their first tour in the States, the DC5 required promoters to provide 100 security guards on top of police officers to keep the band safe during their concerts.
The Dave Clark Five experienced their own form of "Beatlemania" at their concerts in America, such as the time a girl in Cleveland, Ohio jumped out of the theater's balcony during a concert just to get close to Dave Clark. She landed right in front of his drum set, breaking both legs
During their first U.S. tour, Dave Clark was knocked out while playing drums when a fan threw a heavy object on stage wrapped with a love note.
Since 1964, the Dave Clark Five have sold over 50 million albums worldwide.
While in the Philippines, the DC5 played to over a quarter million people
While the Beatles made three American tours before retiring from live concerts, the Dave Clark Five toured the states six times, all to sell-out crowds.
During their day, the Dave Clark Five appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show eighteen times.
The Dave Clark Five racked up 15 consecutive top 10 hit songs from 1964 to middle 1966.
The Dave Clark 5 was the first British Invasion band to tour the United States in the Spring of 1964, months before the Beatles' first American tour.


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Any Way You Want It
Catch Us If You Can
Glad All Over

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