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The Honeydrippers

  • The Honeydrippers was a rock band of the 1980s.
  • Former Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant formed the group in 1981 to satisfy his long-time goal in having a rock band with a heavy R&B basis. Formed originally in Worcestershire, Plant went on to record an EP in the US. In addition to Plant, the band was composed of fellow former Led Zeppelin member guitarist Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck (a former Yardbirds member like Page) and other friends and well-known studio musicians.
  • On 23 December 2006, Robert Plant performed a charity show at Kidderminster Town Hall under the title The Return of the Honeydrippers to raise money for his neighbor Jackie Jennings, who was undergoing treatment for a brain tumor
  • After Plant's appearance at the 2006 Montreux Jazz Festival to honor Ahmet Ertegün, the two discussed a new Honeydrippers album for 2007. After Ertegün's death, Plant has said that this is now unlikely.

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