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The Jets

The Jets are an American family band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, composed of brothers and sisters who specialize in pop, R&B, and dance music, particularly Latin freestyle.

The group officially formed in 1985, with the original lineup fizzling out by 1990. Several members of the family stayed on throughout the 1990s, unofficially reviving the group in the mid to late 1990s as a gospel outfit with most of the original members present.

Various record companies have released collections of songs from the group's popular period, while the modern incarnation of the group continues to perform at various small venues, primarily casinos and private corporate functions.

The group was formed by guitarist Leroy Wolfgramm with 7 of his brothers and sisters. They are natives of the Pacific island nation of Tonga who are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
In 1989, they played several free concerts that were attended by the entire population of Tonga.
There are 17 kids total in the Wolfgramm family. There have been 3 bands to come out of that family, The Jets being the original, followed by Jett17 and Against The Season.


80's Hits

Crush On You

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