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The Rip Chords

The Rip Chords were an American singing duo originally called the Opposites, composed of Phil Stewart and Ernie Bringas. This original twosome (Phil and Ernie) eventually expanded into four primary voices, adding Columbia producer, Terry Melcher and co-producer, Bruce Johnston best known as a member of the Beach Boys. The group came to be associated with the hot rod and surf genres of the day, although their first single release, "Here I Stand", did not reflect those styles. They recorded at Columbia Records in Hollywood from 1962-1965. The group placed five singles on the Billboard Hot 100. They are best known for their number four single, "Hey Little Cobra", one of the highest ranking hot rod songs of all time.

Bruce & Terry were Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher. The pair were instrumental in the development of surf rock, recording under a variety of names and created the band The Rip Chords.
They began working together while Johnston was a well-known session musician and Melcher, the son of actress/singer Doris Day, had a minor solo career as Terry Day before becoming the youngest staff record producer in Columbia Records' history. Together, they began recording as Terry recorded and also helped produce the 1963 album "Surfin' Round the World," which is the first instance of the usage of the surf-rock sound.
Producing a 'surf-frat' band called The Rip Chords, whose "Here I Stand" had reached #51 in early 1963, they ended up taking over most of the vocal parts on that band's Beach Boys soundalike hit "Hey Little Cobra" in 1964 (along with Rip Chords band members, Phil Stewart, Rich Rotkin, Arnie Marcus and Ernie Bringas). The song was the first in a series of hit singles (most of which were released under the name Bruce & Terry), reaching #4 on the U.S. pop charts.
Johnston later joined The Beach Boys, whilst Melcher became a full time producer. On November 19, 2004, Melcher died at his home after a long battle with melanoma. He was 62 years old.


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