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Blackstreet, often stylized as BLACKstreet, is an American R&B group founded in 1991 by Teddy Riley, and Chauncey Hannibal a.k.a. "C. Black".

After the breakup of Guy, Riley came up with the idea to start a new group featuring himself. Originally, the group was to be named Stonestreet, but it was later decided to use part of Stonestreet's and Chauncey's nickname "Black". The group became Blackstreet Featuring Teddy Riley, with an original lineup of Teddy Riley, Chauncey Hannibal, Levi Little, and Joseph Stonestreet. Stonestreet was replaced, however, by Dave Hollister before their first self-titled album was released.


"No Diggity" is ranked at #91 on Rolling Stone and MTV: 100 Greatest Pop Songs.
Blackstreet is an American R&B group founded in 1992.
The band members are: Teddy Riley, Eric Williams, Mark Middleton, and J-Remy.


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No Diggity

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