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Blaine Larsen

  • If he could relive a moment he would relive the moment he and his producer Rory walked out of their first interview with Joe Galante. It was the interview that made RLG decide to sign Blaine.
  • Blaine hopes that in 50 years when people look back at his life they see that he lived an extraordinary life and contributed to his country in all that he did.
  • In 2006 Blaine toured with Van Zant and Gretchen Wilson on Gretchen's The Redneck Revolution Tour.
  • Blaine co-wrote At The Gate, Lips Of A Bottle, No Woman, Rockin' You Tonight off his second album.
  • Blaine plays the guitar, and vocals.
  • Two of Blaine's influences are George Strait and Alan Jackson.
  • Blaine has blond hair and blue eyes.
  • Blaine's family includes his mom, Jenny, step-dad, Woody and sister, Lindsey.
  • Blaine's first album In My High School was released in 2004, it was re-released with the name Off To Join The World through BNA Records.
  • He has never taken singing lessons.
  • Blaine is a pilot, and he likes to fly.
  • When Blaine is not performing he just likes to relax and not do much, sit and watch TV.
  • Blaine decided when he was 13 to learn how to play guitar so he decided to make a business selling birdhouses, in his hometown. To buy his first guitar he used the money he earned at the local pawn shop.
  • Blaine was voted one of the country's hottest bachelors, though he won't be a bachelor for long. He just proposed to long time girlfriend. The date has not been announced.


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