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Time was a rock band from Yugoslavia that was formed in 1971 by Dado Topić (vocals) after leaving his previous band Korni Grupa.

Day for being too lewd, "Jerk Out" rotted in the Prince vaults for years before being released as a single on The Time's 1990 reunion album, Pandemonium, and becoming the Prince dance/ funk offshoot's biggest hit ever.

Awash in traditional Minneapolis funk pedigree, "Jerk Out" compiled everything there was to love about The Time during their early-to-mid-'80's heyday: chicken scratch guitar, funky disco basslines and the "too-cool-for-the-room" humor of the always enjoyable Morris Day. It seemed a fluke that something so retro in sound could top the charts in 1990, but for fans feening for some of that old Purple Rain-era Prince flair, it was the perfect antidote.

Cleaning up the oft-putting misogynist and racist overtones of the original (Prince' justification for tying up some chick before the freakin' begins: "Maybe I was wrong/ But what the hell/ It didn't matter to me-she was White!"), the radio edit retained Morris' pompous oversized ego during a night on the prowl for some new flesh ("I got the cash/ I got the ride/ Oh Lawd! Got to make some love tonight"). As the backing groove tirelessly pumps away, Day woos some fine 'Stella' to his crib with his bulging bankroll and slick talk, only to kick her out following a satisfyint time with the best brush-off line ever: "I said 'Baby don't get too comfortable/ Cause I really like to sleep alone/ Leave your number on the table by my data bank/ I love you but you got to go".

"Jerk Out" would be the final hurrah for the original The Time lineup who would soon after disband, once again, due to inner drama, but this #1 single offered a brief return to one of the greatest, and much-missed, eras in Black music when it paid to be as rude and crude over some of the funkiest party riffs this side of Parliament.


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