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Blessid Union of Souls

  • Taking their name from a line in an episode of M*A*S*H (and misspelling the first word to ensure correct pronunciation), Blessid Union of Souls recorded a demo tape in 1992 that found its way to EMI Records, which immediately offered the group a contract.
  • Their debut album, Home, took over two years to craft properly, and was finally released in March of 1995; it was an immediate success, thanks to Cincinnati deejays who had already begun playing the then-unreleased lead single, "I Believe," and spread the word about the band.
  • "I Believe" eventually reached number eight on the Billboard singles chart and became one of the most played songs of the year; like many of Sloan's songs, the lyrics reflected subtly Christian sentiments, but which never became overbearing or preachy.
  • The follow-up, "Let Me Be the One," also reached the Top 40 and was featured prominently in the soap opera All My Children.
  • After EMI went under, Blessid Union of Souls switched over to Capitol, also adding full-time bassist Tony Clark in 1996.

90's Hits

I Believe
Let Me Be the One

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