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Bobby Collins

  • As one of today's leading and most sought-after comedic talents, Bobby Collins' heartfelt and witty humor engages audiences with a clever blend of characterizations and hilarious observations, to which everyone can relate.
  • Bobby Collins shows people themselves. While half the audience is nodding in knowing approval from hearing him tell some of their favorite stories, and from seeing him on TV, many of the "newbies" are there because they've recently heard him on satellite radio. And it's that enthusiastic fan base and the tremendous word of mouth buzz that sells out Bobby Collins' shows.
  • Bobby Collins lives to make people laugh. From the moment he hits the stage, he connects with the crowd, gets into their mind and draws them inside his world. They willingly surrender to his energy and visual antics targeted directly at tickling their funny bones. And tickle them, he does. He holds up a mirror to each of us and helps us not to take ourselves so seriously.He now lives in quiet retirement.


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