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Kesha was born in Los Angeles, California on March 1, 1987. Her mother, Patricia Rose "Pebe" Sebert, is a singer-songwriter who co-wrote the 1978 single "Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You" with Hugh Moffatt for Joe Sun. Pebe, a single mother, struggled financially while supporting herself, Kesha, and Kesha's elder brother Lagan; they relied on welfare payments and food stamps to get by. When Kesha was an infant, Pebe would often have to look after her onstage while performing. Kesha says she has no knowledge of her father's identity. However, a man named Bob Chamberlain who called himself her father approached Star Magazine in 2011 with pictures and letters, claiming them as proof that they had been in regular contact as father and daughter before she turned 19. Her mother is of half German and half Hungarian descent (with her Hungarian side from Szentes). Kesha is also part Polish.

Pebe moved the family to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1991 after securing a new publishing deal for her songwriting. Pebe frequently brought Kesha and her brothers along to recording studios and encouraged Kesha to sing when she noticed Kesha's vocal talent.[4] Kesha claimed that she did not fit in at school in the Brentwood suburb of Nashville, which she has called the "Bible Belt", explaining that her unconventional style (e.g., homemade purple velvet pants and purple hair) did not endear her to other students.[8] She played the trumpet and later the saxophone in the marching band in school, and described herself in an interview with NPR as being a diligent student.[9][10]

Kesha attended Franklin High School and Brentwood High School.[11] In addition to taking songwriting classes,[12] Kesha was also taught how to write songs by Pebe, and they would often write together when she returned home from high school.[4][10] Kesha began recording demos which Pebe would give to people she knew.[12] Kesha was also in a band with Lagan.[13][14] Kesha and Pebe co-wrote the song "Stephen" together when Kesha was 16, Kesha then tracked down David Gamson, a producer that she admired, from Scritti Politti who agreed to produce the song.[14] She dropped out of school at 17, after being convinced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin to return to Los Angeles to pursue a music career, and earned her GED after.[15] Around this time, Pebe answered an ad by reality series, The Simple Life, looking for an "eccentric" family to host Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.[16] The episode aired in 2005.[17] Luke and Martin had received one of Kesha's demos from Samantha Cox, senior director of writer/publisher relations at Broadcast Music Incorporated, and were impressed. Two of the demos were described in a cover story for Billboard, the first "a gorgeously sung, self-penned country ballad" and the second "a gobsmackingly awful trip-hop track" where Kesha raps ad lib for a minute when she runs out of lyrics near the end. Dr. Luke stated in an interview for the story that it was the latter track that caught his attention, saying "[w]hen you're listening to 100 CDs, that kind of bravado and chutzpah stand out."[18]

Kesha Rose Sebert, born March 1, 1987, better known by the stylized stage name Ke$ha, is an American singer–songwriter
Sebert first came to prominence through her collaboration with Flo Rida on his number one single, Right Round
Sebert was born during a party in San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California to a single parent and humble financial beginnings
Her mother, Pebe Sebert, also a singer-songwriter, was stuggling to get by and support Kesha and her older brother
She would look after then infant Kesha onstage during her performances then,[3] and when the family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, often brought her into recording studios
Pebe moved the family to Nashville in 1991 after securing a publishing deal and Kesha spent the rest of her early years there, attending a music school in the countryside
Although Sebert did well academically, she dropped out of school at the age of seventeen to return to Los Angeles to pursue a music career
It was then that she met Dr. Luke who was impressed by her demos and began working with her
She currently lives in a mansion in Laurel Canyon[1] where the Eagles allegedly recorded Hotel California
On March 27, 2009, Sebert appeared onstage alongside 3OH!3 at one of their concerts at Avalon Hollywood to perform their duet, My First Kiss
Sebert's musical credits in 2009 include co-writing the title song for Miley Cyrus' The Time of Our Lives EP, as well as a featured appearances on Pitbull and Taio Cruz's albums



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