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Bonnie Tyler

  • Bonnie's smash hit, "Total Eclipse of The Heart", was covered by Westlife and was released in March 2007.
  • Bonnie's first stage name, during the time she was in the Bobby Wayne & The Dixies group, was Sherene Davies - her niece name.
  • Bonnie's Chinese Astrology sign is Rabbit - a papular and attractive person, who gives a lot to a relationship, and when gets off-balance - gets back to place by the love of his family and friends.
  • Bonnie's Sun Astrology sign is Gemini.
  • Bonnie's husband, Robert Sullivan, is the cousin of David Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones's father.
  • Bonnie's biggest smash hit was Total Eclipse Of The Heart, in 1983. It was ranked #1 in UK, US, France, South Africa, Norway, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, and succeeded all around the world, selling 6 million copies.
  • Bonnie's hit song Holding Out For A Hero, was featured on the movie Footloose's soundtrack.
  • Bonnie has recorded a duet with French singer Kareen Antonn, Si Demain, a French cover for Holding Our For A Hero. It was released on January 2004, and was ranked #1 in France, Belgium, and Poland, selling more than million copies all over Europe.
  • Bonnie was awarded Best International Female Vocalist in the 1993's German Music Awards.
  • Bonnie is the first female singer ever to have an album getting straight to the #1 in the UK albums chart. That achievement awarded her a Guinness record.
  • Bonnie had a surgery to remove nodules from her vocal cords just before releasing her first album, in 1977. She began to talk before she healed - which led to the famous husky voice of hers.
  • Bonnie's first hit was Lost in France, which achieved Top 10 in both America and Europe. It was her second single.
  • Bonnie's first ever single was My My Honeycomb. It had failed in the charts.
  • Bonnie has covered famous hits, such as: Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All) - Originally by Air Supply; Amazed - Originally by Lonestar; and In My Life - Originally by The Beatles.
  • Bonnie's hit song, Holding Out For A Hero, was covered twice: by Frou Frou, and by Jennifer Saunders. Both covers were for the movie Shrek 2's soundtrack.
  • Bonnie was part of the charity project Rock Against Repatriation, back in 1990.
  • Bonnie, when younger, formed her own music band, calling it "Imagination". That's when she chose her stage name, Bonnie Tyler. The band was performing in Pubs around South Wales.
  • When Bonnie was teenage, she was part of the music group Bobby Wayne And The Dixies.
  • Bonnie was influenced by artists such as Janis Joplin and Tina Turner.
  • Bonnie's father was a miner and her mother was an Opera fan.
  • Bonnie Tyler has married Robert Sullivan on July 4, 1973.
  • Bonnie Tyler was born as Gaynor Hopkins.
  • Bonnie has a characteristic and unusual husky voice, which became her trademark.
  • Bonnie is one of the best selling singers in the UK.

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