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Bow Wow Wow

  • The band was assembled in London by Malcolm McLaren, who was famous for putting together The Sex Pistols. He discoverd Lwin in a dry cleaning store where she was working. She couldn't sing, and was only 14, but she had the look McLaren wanted. Her real name is Myant Myant Aye, but McLaren had her change it.
  • Ashman, Barboarossa, and Gorman were members of Adam And The Ants. McLaren convinced them to form this group.
  • Boy George was the original lead singer, using the name "Lieutenant Lush." He left soon after joining the band and formed Culture Club.
  • Lwin's mother brought charges against McLaren for exploiting a minor. McLaren had to agree not to promote her as a sex symbol.
  • Barbarossa was in the band Republica.
  • Gorman died in 1995.

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I Want Candy

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Natalia Viana

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