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Dean Brody

Canadian country singer and songwriter Dean Brody grew up on the edge of the Canadian Rockies in Jaffray, British Columbia, spending a formative rural childhood hunting, fishing, splitting firewood, playing sports, and participating in the local 4-H. But he also played guitar and wrote songs and determined early that he wanted a career in music. Life puts you where it puts you, though, and when he was 16, Brody, like most every other boy in the area, started working at the sawmill. The job convinced him that he had to take a shot at his music dreams, and in 2004, Brody moved to Nashville, TN on a wing and a prayer. Eventually he found a music publishing deal and began to focus on his songwriting, but after two years, his contract wasn't extended. To make matters worse, his U.S. work permit wasn't renewed, and Brody was forced to move back to Canada, all but sure that he was going to have to abandon his music dreams. Before he really had a chance to settle, though, Brody learned that Keith Stegall, then working with Broken Bow Records, wanted to sign him to a recording deal. Brody returned to Nashville, and began working with friend and producer Matt Rovey on his debut album, the self-titled Dean Brody, which Broken Bow released in 2009. A first single, "Brothers," generated enough play to hit the middle of the charts in both Canada and the U.S.A. that same year.

Growing up in the country, at the edge of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Dean started at a very young age to appreciate the rural way of life.
He spent a significant part of his childhood involved in country fairs, 4-H, fishing, hunting and splitting firewood, and in his spare time began playing guitar and writing songs.
After years of working and writing on the side, Dean knew that to move forward with music he had to move on to Nashville. In March of 2004, he loaded up a U-haul, hit the I-15 into Montana and began the 2,500 mile trek to Tennessee.
After two years with a Music Row publishing company, Dean got the news that his contract and U.S. work permit would not be renewed. He and his family moved back to Canada.
Dean and his wife drove up to a mining town to find a place to live and made the decision to move - letting the dream of a career in country music go.
The following day Dean made the call to friend and producer Matt Rovey to give him the news, but Matt had some news of his own... producer Keith Stegall (Alan Jackson and George Jones) wanted to sign him to Broken Bow Records! Dean once again hit the I-15 into Montana and moved his family back to Nashville.
Dean (with Matt Rovey producing) just finished up his debut album for BBR.
Dean was involved in a freak water skiing accident in July 2008 that required surgery and a titanium plate had to be inserted into his cheek.




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