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The White Tie Affair

The White Tie Affair (aka TWTA) was a pop rock/electronica band from Chicago, Illinois. The members consisted of: Chris Wallace (Vocals), Sean-P (guitar), Tim McLaughlin (drums) (Tim is no longer in the band) and Ryan McLain (keyboard). In early 2007, the band signed with Epic Records/Slightly Dangerous and released their debut album, Walk This Way in April 2008. The album contains the band's two singles, "Allow Me To Introduce Myself...Mr. Right" and "Candle (Sick and Tired)", which have been featured on MTV's TRL and The Hills.

According to the band's biography, "the two founding members both agreed that they wanted to bring some fun back to a music scene that largely focuses on the negative aspects of life."

The members of The White Tie Affair have musical A.D.D. Every thing they hear, touch and see influences them.
The White Tie Affair is an adventure into pop, exploring many different styles and sounds. Whether it be sung, strummed, or programmed, you can bet they have tried to make it work.
Front man Chris Wallace explains that the goal of the band is to “communicate their love for different kinds of music to anyone who wants to listen.”
Growing up in Chicago, the group started piecing together sounds - everything from Stevie Wonder to AFI to The Police and came up with original, catchy songs. The White Tie Affair finally unveiled their musical work, playing shows all over Chicago. Their home city greeted them with open arms selling out a recent show at the Beat Kitchen.
It only took a couple of months before Slightly Dangerous/Epic Records took notice and the band signed a deal in 2007. Since then, The White Tie Affair has toured extensively across the country, playing one hundred + shows, garnering press and die-hard fans alike. “We are living the life we always heard rock bands talk about when they were starting out … the band in a van, playing great venues in a different town every night,” says guitarist Sean P. “this is the life we always wanted.
The White Tie Affair’s debut album Walk This Way, is a soundtrack for the iTunes, PlayStation generation.


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