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Aaron Tippin

  • Aaron was ranked #40 in the "Top 50 Videos of 2007" for his video He Believed.
  • Aaron Tippin has been indirectly hit by lightning twice.
  • Aaron Tippin has a tattoo of a crescent moon and a palmetto tree on his right bicep.
  • Aaron Tippin loves to fly airplanes, collect vintage dump trucks, and hunt deer and wild turkey.
  • Aaron Tippin's first number one hit single was "There Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio," which was written about his 1975 Toyota.
  • Aaron Tippin has worked as a factory worker, truck driver, welder, farm hand, and a corporate pilot.
  • Aaron Tippin loves to eat wild turkey, garlic, venison, and drink red wine.
  • Aaron Tippin lives on 300 acres in Tennessee. edit »
  • Some of Aaron Tippin's favorite artists are Hank Williams, Frank Sinatra, Faron Young, Jimmie Rodgers, Johnny Horton, and Dean Martin.
  • In 2005, Aaron Tippin was the first country artist to donate money to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Aaron Tippin is the spokesperson for the "Paralyzed Veterans of America."
  • In 2002, Aaron Tippin went overseas to Afghanistan to entertain the troops.
  • In 1990, Aaron Tippin was the first singer to go to Saudi Arabia to entertain the troops during the Gulf War.
  • Aaron Tippin signed a record deal with Disney's Lyric Street Records in 1998.
  • Aaron Tippin has three children; Teddy, who was born in 1997, Sam who was born in 2000, and Charla, who was from him first marriage.
  • Aaron Tippin married his second wife, Thea, in 1995.
  • Aaron Tippin was married as a teenager. The marriage didn't last long.
  • Aaron Tippin appeared on the soundtrack for Fire Down Below in 1997.
  • Aaron Tippin appeared on the soundtrack for The Beverly Hillbillies in 1993.
  • Aaron Tippin is the spokesperson for the commercials for ChannelLock Tools.
  • Aaron Tippin has five gold albums and one platinum.
  • Aaron Tippin has six top ten hits.
  • Several of the songs that Aaron Tippin wrote were recorded by Diamond Rio, David Ball, and Mark Collie.
  • Aaron Tippin has won several body building competitions. edit »
  • In 1986, Aaron Tippin competed in a talent contest called The Nashville Network's "You Can Be a Star TV."
  • Aaron Tippin moved to Music city in 1987.
  • In the early 1970's, Aaron Tippin played the local honky tonk bars in South Carolina.
  • Aaron Tippin owns his own record company, Nippit Records.
  • Aaron Tippin sold his firearms store and converted the space into a personal recording studio and office.
  • Aaron Tippin owned "Aaron Tippin Outdoors," which mainly sold firearms, for ten years.
  • Aaron Tippin's wife's name is Thea.
  • Tippin performed his first Nashville nightclub show in 1990, and it earned him a contract with RCA.
  • Tippin worked the midnight shift at a factory in Kentucky, commuted to Music Row to write songs, did his late afternoon strength training, went to bed, got up and did the whole routine over again, day after day.
  • Tippin took up competitive weightlifting, eventually building his frame to a 47-inch chest and 16-inch biceps.


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