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There are at least 5 artists going by the name “Breathe”.
1 - a London-based group from the ’80s.
2 - a New Zealand-based group from the late ’90s.
3 - a Germany-based underground band, formed from members of old-school dark-electro band Placebo Effect and now reborn as The Laughing Dolls.

4 - a Dallas, Texas & Edmond, Oklahoma based electronic music group formed in the late ’90s still producing and performing to this day.

1/ According to Songfacts, Breathe hailed from Hampshire, England, where the original five members all grew up and even went to school together at Yateley School. Their first group was larger, six-person band called Catch-22, after the famed novel by Joseph Heller. Theyrimmed down to a quartet to record the album All That Jazz in 1987. This contained their two best-known hits, “How Can I Fall?” and “Hands to Heaven”. The latter charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #2 in 1988, and at #4 in the UK. Bassist Micheal Delahunty left the group in 1989 and the remaining three followed “All that Jazz” with the lesser known “Peace of Mind” in early 1990.

Their sound was a combination of light jazz with some pop and soul, somewhat reminiscent of Air Supply or Rick Astley. However, the success was shortlived, and by 1990 they had disbanded.

4/ breathe — Ridgeback Recordings Dallas, TX U.S.A.

Breathe were a London based group formed in the early 1980s.
Originally a larger, five-person band called Catch 22, all the members were actually childhood friends who went to Yateley School together in Hampshire where they lived.
Bassist Michael Delahunty left the group in 1988 as they were about to reach the peak of their success, and the remaining three continued with promotion for the All That Jazz album and singles.
By 1990 they had disbanded with a general disinterest by any major record label to continue to promote them.
According to Breathe's now-defunct homepage, drummer Ian Spice died sometime in 2000, although no specific information was given about the cause of his death.


80's Hits

How can I fall

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