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Ace of Base

  • After their first two albums, Linn stepped out of the spotlight. She became depressed. She refused to appear on stage at concerts or in music videos.
  • Jenny's solo song, "Ravine," from their 1995 album, The Bridge, was based on the night of April 27, 1994. She was staying with her mother, and their home was attacked by a crazed woman that followed them home. The woman stabbed Jenny's mother.
  • In all the Ace of Base songs, you mostly hear Jenny or Linn singing the most, but there were a few songs with rapping vocals provided by Ulf.
  • Jonas is also known as "Joker."
  • Jonas Berggren is the oldest member of both the Berggren siblings and of Ace of Base.

90's Hits

All That She Wants
Beautiful Life
Cruel Summer
Don't Turn Around
The Sign

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