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Robbie Seay Band

Robbie Seay Band (aka RSB) is a Christian rock/worship band located in Houston, Texas. The band used to lead worship at Ecclesia, a church in the Neartown area of Houston where Robbie's brother, Chris Seay, is the teaching pastor. Many of the songs on RSB's albums are inspired by events and people within Ecclesia.

After releasing several independent albums, the band was signed to Sparrow Records in 2005 and retooled their last indie album, Better Days, for re-release on their new label. Their second album, Give Yourself Away, was released on August 28, 2007. The track "Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)" from the album has received substantial attention on Christian radio, and charted at No. 7 on Billboard magazine's Hot Christian Songs chart.

In 1997, lead singer Robbie Seay formed a band with three others at the time— Seth Woods (bass), and Dan Hamilton (drums)—as "Robbie Seay Band", named after him. The unsigned band released their self-titled debut EP in 1997, followed by a full-length release, Thoughts of You, in 1999. They released four more independent albums, 10,000 Charms (2001), December EP (2002), Live (2003) and Better Days (2004).

Robbie Seay Band signed onto Sparrow Records, and a revised version of their album Better Days was released on August 16, 2005 through the record label.Their second Sparrow Records album, Give Yourself Away, was released on August 28, 2007. Their third Sparrow Records album was released on March 23, 2010.Their fourth album titled Rich & Poor was released in November 2011.

In July 2013, Robbie Seay Band led worship for the LifeWay operated middle and high school student church camp FUGE in Glorieta, New Mexico.

In late 2013, they started an independent project of EPs, called "Psalms EP". The Vol 1 came out the same year, a free album, containing 5 tracks of songs based on texts from the Book of Psalms.

And in early 2014, "Psalms EP, Vol 2" was released. This, achieved by a project grant from the fans of gospel rock band, via Kickstarter, contains 5 tracks being sold on iTunes and other online music stores.


New Day
Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Home)


Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down)

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