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Captain Hollywood Project

Germany (1991 – present)

Captain Hollywood Project were a Germany-based Eurodance group, founded by former Twenty 4 Seven rapper Tony Dawson-Harrison along with producers Thorsten Adler, Michael Eisele and Thomas Keil in early 1991.

Dawson-Harrison left the Dutch group Twenty 4 Seven after a fallout with producer Ruud Van Rijen, just after the release of their debut album, ‘Street Moves’ in late 1990. He released a solo album, Do That Thang, soon after. The album sold poorly, however, with the European charts seemingly not ready for its hip-hop style.

It was followed by two singles, the title track ‘Do That Thang’, and ‘Shirley’.

In 1992 he met German producers Adler, Eisele and Keil, and they formed the Captain Hollywood Project, adding vocalist Nina to the group later that year.

The group issued two Eurodance-focused singles, ‘More and More’, and ‘Only With You’ in 1993. Both were huge hits in a number of European charts.

The debut album, ‘Love Is Not Sex’, sold 400,000 copies in Europe. It included ‘More and More’ and ‘Only With You’, plus the later singles ‘All I Want’ and ‘Impossible’, both released in early 1994.

In late May 1994, ‘Rhythm Of Life’ was sent to many radio stations as a promo maxi, but it was never officially released.

In 1995, after almost a year of silence, the group released their second album, ‘Animals Or Human’. It didn’t match the sales of their debut album, but still shifted 200,000 copies.

Captain Hollywood Project is a pioneer of Eurodance
Tony Dawson Harrison an American formerly based in Germany, the Twenty 4 Seven rapper ( born Tony Harrison) has been referred to as "Captain Hollywood" since 1982. The name was given to him by his military friends, because he danced even when in uniform. Captain Hollywood Started the beginning of Break Dance in Europe as he performed on a national TV show in 1983 by the name of Formel Eins. He was featured in German cult movies with famous boxers and represented Germany in Cannes for the break dance movie premier of Beat Street. From 1985 to 1987 Tony released 3 singles and an album as Captain Hollywood.



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More and More


More And More

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