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  • PSY was born in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea on December 31, 1977 and later attended Banpo Elementary School, Banpo Middle School, and Sehwa High School
  • Psy went on to attend both Boston University and Berklee College of Music
  • He describes himself as not following the K-pop mold
  • PSY debuted in January 2001 with his full-length album titled PSY... From the Psycho World!, for which he later had to pay a fine due to accusations that the album contained "inappropriate content"
  • He was a rookie hip-hop singer that stirred up the Korean pop music scene with very blunt lyrics, peculiar dance moves and an unconventional appearance
  • Because of his unique style he was nicknamed the "Bizarre Singer"
  • Psy served his mandatory military service as a technician in a venture firm from 2003 to 2005
  • On October 14, 2006, Psy married Yoo Hye-yeon (his girlfriend for three and a half years)
  • After evidence came to light that revealed that Psy hadn't properly carried out his duty during his service as a technician, he was re-drafted to serve as a soldier in the ROK Army in August 2007
  • After being discharged in the summer of 2009, Psy said he had learned a lot through this experience
  • He said he also felt the weight of his responsibility to his wife and twin daughters, born two months before he headed off to the ROK Army boot camp
  • He was arrested for smoking marijuana in 2001 and fined $4500 USD in 2002

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