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Adam Sandler

Actor, comedian, and musician Adam Sandler was a cast member on Saturday Night Live and is the star of such films as Punch-Drunk Love and The Wedding Singer.

Sandler has continued to vary his work from broad comedies to more weighty material. Remaking 1974 comedy The Longest Yard (2005), he played a convict who organizes a football game between the inmates and the guards - a role originated by Burt Reynolds. Reynolds also appeared in the remake along with comedian Chris Rock and singer Nelly. The next year, Sandler played an architect who discovers a remote control that gives the power to fast-forward or rewind his own life in Click (2006). He took on the role of a man who lost his family in the September 11th terrorist attacks in Reign Over Me (2007). Through an accidental meeting with an old friend (played by Don Cheadle), Sandler's character began to rebuild his shattered life. Sandler earned some positive reviews for his performance with Variety calling him "compelling" and "excellent."

Born September 9, 1966, in Brooklyn, Adam Sandler was raised in Manchester, New Hampshire.
At the age of 17, his brother dared him to take the stage at a Boston comedy club's amateur night and was surprised at how well Adam performed.
That planted the seed for his career, though he first attended NYU, receiving a Fine Arts degree in 1989.
Not long after graduation, Sandler gained a position with the NBC-TV sketch-comedy show Saturday Night Live, and became one of the show's most popular actors during his five-year stint.
In 1993, Warner Brothers signed Sandler to a recording contract, and he delivered his debut album They're All Gonna Laugh at You that September. The LP became popular with college radio and sold well, earning a gold certification and a Grammy nomination.
Sandler broke out in the cinema the following year, appearing in Mixed Nuts and Coneheads before his first starring vehicle, 1995's Bill Madison.
His second comedy album, What the Hell Happened to Me?, was released in early 1996; it leapt into the Top 20 and eventually went platinum.
By now one of the biggest comic stars in America, Sandler reeled off a string of blockbuster films including Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy and Big Daddy before releasing his third album, Stan and Judy's Kid, in 1999.
The 2000s found Sandler trying his hand at less comedic rolls (Punch Drunk Love), animation (8 Crazy Nights), but the box-office results were mixed.
In 2004 he released his fifth album, Shhh...Don't Tell



Do It For Your Mama
G#y Robot
I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog
Letter to my P###s
Piece Of S##t Car


Chanukah Song II
The Chanukah Song

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