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Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross (born Christopher Geppert on May 3, 1951) is an American singer-songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. His debut album earned him all of the "Big Four" Grammy Awards in one year, a feat that is yet to be equalled. He also received an Oscar and a Golden Globe relating to his work with music in hit films.
He is one of the many recurring characters on the Channel 101 series Yacht Rock, which featurized the fictionalized lives of soft/smooth and Yacht rock musicians from 1978-1984. Some of his collaborators, such as Michael McDonald, are also featured on the series.
Many people associate "Think of Laura" with the Luke and Laura plotline of the soap opera, General Hospital, which was very popular at the time, but it was actually written about a friend of Christopher's girlfriend at the time (named Laura) who had recently been killed by a stray bullet while riding in the back of a car[1].
Chris Griffin of Family Guy, is named after him, as his full name is Christopher Cross Griffin.
In the Seinfeld episode "The Millennium", Newman reveals that he booked Cross for his Millennium Eve party, which he has been planning since 1978.
Cross' single "Ride Like the Wind" is included in the Time Life compilation Soft Rock.
"Ride Like the Wind" was used as a video in an episode of Second City Television. Rick Moranis plays the part of Michael McDonald doing the backing vocals. He rushes to the studio and arrives just in time to sing the background vocals Such a long way to go.
In American Psycho, Patrick Bateman mentions listening to a Christopher Cross compilation tape while working out at a health club.
"Ride Like the Wind" was featured in the movie Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star .
In the show "Home Movies" he is mentioned briefly by Brendon in the episode "Directors Cut"

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