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Adele Givens

Adele Givens represents Chicago well. She’s intelligent, down to earth, proud, and just a little gangsta. Oh yeah, and she’s one the funniest stand up comedians in the business. That’s right. I didn’t say funniest “black” comedian or “female” comedian. Adele can hold her own with anybody. And the best thing about her is that she’s naturally funny. Even if she wasn’t on stage, she’d be making anybody around her laugh with her outspoken, sometimes raunchy, but always real type of humor.

She’s not the one if you want to see somebody jumping up and down and doing flips to make you laugh. That can be funny too, but Adele is the type of stand up comedian who will sit down on a bar stool, hold that mic and have you laughing for an hour as she talks about relationships, celebrities, and basic common sense.

“I’ve been doing this all my life and one day some people encouraged me to get into a comedy contest,” she told Bean Soup Times. Adele entered that Crown Royal Comedy Competition at the now closed Regal Theater in the heart of black Chicago where 79th Street, Stony Island Avenue, and South Chicago Avenue intersect. It’s the busiest intersection in the city. But her first appearance was the first audition of the contest held on 63rd and Lowe. I can’t forget that,” she said when I asked her about her first performance. Either way, since winning that contest, Adele has been as busy as that three street intersection ever since.

Adele began working the stand-up circuit, often appearing with another Chicago star, Bernie Mac. Imagine her and Bernie Mac working a room together. “Bernie and myself did a lot of shows together.”
And she was called a queen of comedy long before she was bestowed that title with three other talented comedians. She’s appeared on Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam, The All-Stars of Def Comedy Jam, The Bad Girls of Def Comedy Jam and The Oprah Winfrey Show to name a few, but she has lots of accolades for BET's Comic View.

Adele also made her acting debut, guest-starring in such sitcoms as Martin, Moesha, The Steve Harvey Show, The Parkers, a recurring role on The Tracy Ullman Show, a series regular on the hit UPN sitcom The Hughleys, to name a few.

Before long, HBO recognized her majesty by offering her a chance to do her own HBO half-hour comedy special and television pilot The Adele Givens Show. She also served as co-host of the Source Magazine Awards pre-show on UPN. Lately, comedian Adele Givens has been wowing audiences everywhere on the very successful Queens of Comedy Tour.

She doesn’t like the fact that comedy is so male dominated, but she;s never let that blemish her shine. “It’s a male dominated world, so I wasn’t surprised, but I don’t have a lot of issues because I put myself on their level. I’m aggressive. I was a tomboy and had lots of male friends,” she said. “I generate respect. I don’t get a lot of stress from it, but I don’t like it.”

Her television appearances include The Hughleys, Moesha, The Parkers, Comedy Central Presents, Def Comedy Jam, Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry, Martin, Tracey Takes On... and The Steve Harvey Show.
Givens and fellow African American female comedians Mo'Nique, Laura Hayes and Sommore were the stars of the Queens of Comedy tour, which was filmed and subsequently shown on Showtime and released on DVD.
Her movie appearances include Beauty Shop and The Players Club.
In 2001, she hosted The Source's Hip Hip Awards Preshow which was shown on UPN.



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