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Cock Robin

American band formed in the early 80s in California. It originally consisted of Peter Kingsbery (vocals, keyboards, bass), Anna LaCazio (vocals, keyboards), Clive Wright (guitars) and Louis Molino III (drums). By 1987, Cock Robin’s line-up only included Kingsbery and LaCazio.

Their first album was released in 1985. It was very successful in Europe, particularly in France. The album included the two hits ”When Your Heart Is Weak” and ”The Promise You Made”.

In 1987, the second album, ”After Here Through Midland”, was released. Including the hit ”Just Around The Corner”, it was a success as well.

1989 saw the release of the third album, ”First Love Last Rites”, which included the hit ”Worlds Apart”. Unfortunately the band split up a few time after.

During its short career, the band toured in a few European countries and achieved great popularity with its romantic songs.

The band was reformed in 2006, releasing the fourth album ”I Don’t Want To Save The World”, much to the joy of a loyal following of fans. In the meantime, Peter Kingsbery had achieved a solo career, releasing 4 albums that failed to garner much attention, even in France.

In 2009, the band is coming back with a new album, a live recording of the 2006 Chalons-en-Champagne concert, and a tour in France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Cock Robin is a U.S. pop-rock band, mostly popular in the 1980s, particularly in Europe where they were to become famous.
The band was founded by singer-songwriter Peter Kingsbery in 1982, split up in 1990, and was reformed in 2006.


80's Hits

Just Around the Corner

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