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  • While still in high school in Ukiah, California, Davey Havok (vocals), Mark Stopholese (guitar) and Vic Chalker (bass) formed an outfit called AFI in 1991. At the time, the band did not know how to play any instruments.
  • AFI disbanded when its members attended different colleges, including UC Berkeley where members of the band lived and practiced for a time in the basement of the Delta Chi fraternity house on Channing Way. Kresge moved to New York where he played with Blanks 77. After reuniting to perform a live show, the other members decided to drop out of college to play full-time with AFI.
  • AFI has been said to be abbreviated from the full title A Fire Inside.[30] However, band members have stated that the name was formerly from the titles Asking for It[31] and Anthems for Insubordinates
  • The band recorded Black Sails in the Sunset (1999), a musical turning point which introduced AFI fans to a much darker sound.  On this album, the band's original hardcore roots were still the base of their sound, but with Dark Romantic influences.  and emphasize on somber atmosphere and lyrics. The influence of the Deathrock & Goth rock scenes was also apparent. During this period their style was mostly referred to as Horror Punk or described as "Gothic punk".
  • In June 2006, AFI's newest album, Decemberunderground, was released on Interscope Records. The album's first single "Miss Murder" reached #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts.[19] The release reflects the continually changing and growing fan base of the band, and the album debuted as No. 1 on the Billboard charts.


Miss Murder


17 Crimes

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