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Cowboy Junkies

  • Cowboy Junkies are a Canadian country music and alternative rock band.The group was formed in Toronto in 1985 by Michael (songwriter, guitarist), Margo (vocalist) and Peter Timmins (drummer), and Alan Anton (bassist).
  • Their 1986 debut album, produced by Canadian producer Peter Moore, was the blues-inspired Whites Off Earth, recorded using an ambisonic microphone in the family garage.
  • The band was nominated for Group of the Year at the Juno Awards in 1990 and 1991.
  • In the early 1990s Margo Timmins was named "one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world" by People Magazine.
  • None of the band's subsequent albums have been hits outside of Canada, although the band has maintained a dedicated following and have continued to have chart hits in their native country.


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