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Craig Morgan

  • Craig Morgan Discography:
  1. 2006 Little Bit of Life
  2.  2005 My Kind of Livin’
  3.  2002 I Love It
  4.  2000 Craig Morgan
  • His latest album Little bit of Life features four compositions written by Craig
  • Craig has been called a writer and interpreter of highly visual story songs by Billboard and he is grateful to have a such a good identity.
  • Craig says that vocally he has opened up more on Little Bit of Life and it is a little bit more relaxed and a little bit more like him.
  • He has been invited to perform at the Grand Ole Opry more than 150 times in his career.
  • His latest CD is called Little Bit of Life.
  • His favorite kind of dog is the blue heeler.
  • He was nominated for the top new male vocalist in 2006.
  • Craig is signed with Broken Bow Records.
  • R & R named That's What I love About Sunday The Most Heard Song of The Year in 2005 and Billboard named That's What I love About Sunday Most Played Song of the Year.
  • Craig is the recipient of the 2006 USO Merit Award.
  • Craig never leaves home without a coin and his pocketknife.
  • Craig most memorable birthday is the one where he flew from Korea back to the United States and his birthday got extended for a few hours. edit »
  • His favorite number is three.
  • Craig has performed duets with both John Conlee and George Jones at the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Craig has won the Songwriters Achievement award from the Nashville Songerwriters Association International.
  • "I'm a fan of country music. Just like the guy who has nothing to do with this industry ," said Craig Morgan at an interview , "Believe that."
  • Craig Morgan sang the hit songs "What I Love About Sunday" and "Redneck Yacht Club".
  • Craig's favorite song that he didn't write is “Rose Colored Glasses”.
  • His favorite places to shop are Tractor Supply Center and Wal-Mart.
  • Craig's previous jobs include paratrooper, construction, law enforcement and Wal-Mart.
  • Craig's first daredevil act he performed was jumping over a car while on a motorcycle.
  • The first concert Craig attended was Charlie Daniels Band.
  • His hobbies are golfing, hunting, fishing, and watching movies.
  • Craig's musical influences are John Conlee, Merle Haggard, Vern Gosdin, and James Taylor.
  • His favorite movie is “The Passion of the Christ”.
  • His favorite athlete is Dan Marino.
  • Craig's favorite actor is Mel Gibson.
  • Craig's favorite instrument is the guitar.
  • Craig has four dogs.
  • His favorite musical artist is George Strait.
  • His favorite female artist is Dolly Parton.
  • His favorite ice cream is Nutty Buddy.
  • Craig's favorite author is Billy Graham.
  • His favorite book is the Bible.
  • Craig's favorite cologne is Stetson.
  • Craig's favorite color is cobalt blue.
  • Craig's favorite vechicles are Chevy and Toyota trucks.
  • Craig's favorite album is John Conlee’s “Greatest Hits”.
  • Craig's favorite city to visit is Monterey, California (USA).
  • Craig's pet peeve is whining.
  • Craig is currently married and has five children.
  • Craig's height is about 5’10’’.
  • Craig Morgan is an American neotraditional country music singer. He is noted for writing homey lyrics that focus on traditional values and the simpler pleasures of life.
  • During his deployment in Korea, Morgan wrote a number of songs and won various military singing and songwriting contests.
  • He is a vocal supporter of the US military, performing for service-personnel in the Middle East and elsewhere. He is a friend of Darryl Worley, a fellow country music singer well-known for patriotic music and USO volunteer like Morgan himself.


International Harvester
Little Bit Of Life
Love Remembers
More Trucks Than Cars
That's What I Love About Sunday
This Ain't Nothin
This Ole Boy


Wake Up Lovin' You

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