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Crank Yankers

  • Crank Yankers is a United States TV show produced by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison that features actual prank calls made by show regulars and celebrity guests which are re-enacted onscreen by puppets.
  • Show regulars include Jim Florentine, Wanda Sykes, Susie Essman, Super Dave Osborne, Sarah Silverman, and Tracy Morgan. The puppets are designed by Funny Garbage, and the title music is by Fountains of Wayne.
  • Puppeteers include: Ron Binion, Artie Esposito, BJ Guyer, Rick Lyon, Drew Massey, Paul McGinnis, Alice Dinnean Vernon, and Victor Yerrid.


Knock Knock
Addicted To Porno
Burger King Call
Crabs from Marios Salon
Elmer Fudd Reads Porno
Hadassah Conducts Survey
I've Got Mail
Mooshu 2Pac
Retard Christmas Song
Special Ed Books A Trip
Special Ed Calls A Movie Theatre
Special Ed
Spoonie Luv Pitches Card Ideas
Taco Bell Prank Call
Take Me Out To The Ballgame
The Phone Zone

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