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Crash Test Dummies

The Crash Test Dummies are a Canadian folk rock/alternative rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, widely known for their 1993 single "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm".

The band is most identifiable through Brad Roberts (vocals, guitar) and his distinctive bass-baritone voice. During its heyday, the band consisted of Roberts, Ellen Reid (co-vocals, keyboards), Brad's brother Dan Roberts (bass guitar, backing vocals), Benjamin Darvill (harmonica, mandolin), and Mitch Dorge (drums, percussion). Today, only Brad Roberts and Ellen Reid have appeared on every album with the other members being busy pursuing their own projects. However, the full band (minus Ben Darvill) reunited for a show in October 2010. Brad Roberts, Ellen Reid and Stuart Cameron continued to tour throughout 2010/2011.

The Crash Test Dummies' fifth studio album was "I Don't Care That You Don't Mind", released in 2001. It was the band's first album since their break with BGM.
"Give Yourself a Hand" was released in 1999 as the fourth studio album by Canadian rockers the Crash Test Dummies. It is very different from previous albums due to a heavy electronic influence.
"A Worm's Life" was the third studio album released by Canadian rockers the Crash Test Dummies. It featured the song "He Liked to Feel It".



90's Hits

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

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The Bee




Diver Dave





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