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On November 6, 1993, Culture Beat's founder Torsten Fenslau was killed in a car accident in Messel (district of Darmstadt). His brother Frank took over the act as a manager and returned the act in 1995 with a third album called Inside Out, preceded by a single of the same name which reached number 5 in Germany and number 32 in the UK.

In 1997, Frank decided to take Culture Beat in a different, more mature sounding musical direction diverging the act from Dance genre and transitioned into Pop. He also replaced Tania with Kim Sanders, who had previously scored a hit with "Impossible" by Captain Hollywood Project. Jay Supreme remained with the act for a short time after Tania's departure, but during recording of the next album he decided to leave the group. The album Metamorphosis was a minor chart success in 1998.

Three years later, Jacky Sangster replaced Kim as the fourth female lead singer of Culture Beat. The single called "Insanity" was released in 2001 which flopped in Germany; however, reached number 1 in Israel. In 2003, to commemorate ten years since the release of the group's biggest hit, a new version of "Mr. Vain" was issued in Germany and reached number 7 in the singles chart. In 2004, a greatest hits package was released ahead of a planned new album with Jacky as vocalist, but was canceled before "Can't Go on Like This (No No)" was released. This single had minor success as well.

In May 2008, a brand new single called "Your Love" was finally released in Germany through Superstar Records. A special remix by D&K only available digitally. Jacky is set to perform at the "Back 2 The 90s" event in Riga, Latvia on November 21, 2008, alongside Ace of Base, Haddaway, Dr Alban and 2 Unlimited.


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