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The Cure are one of the most well-known rock groups of all-time largely due to their unparalleled style, eerie appearance and influentially intriguing lyrics.

The seeds for this British band were planted in 1972, but their first LP was not released until 1979. They have since released 12 LP’s and have become one of the most recognizable groups in rock history. The group has spent time in the spotlight at points in their journey, but still remain a group that flutters back and forth between mainstream financial success and obscurity. At their financial peak they have been responsible for creating such classic hits as “Lovesong” and “Just Like Heaven”. As of 2007, the members are; Robert Smith (lead vocals, guitar) , Paul Thompson (guitar), Simon Gallup (bass) and Jason Cooper (drums, percussion).


90's Hits

Friday I'm in Love

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