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Cutting Crew

While still in his teens, Nick Van Eede (born Nicholas Eede) recorded a few UK solo singles in the late 1970s, and later was in the band The Drivers, which found success in Canada, particularly with their 1982 single "Tears On Your Anorak". While touring Canada, The Drivers had a support band called Fast Forward, whose line up included guitarist Kevin MacMichael. Van Eede was impressed with MacMichael's guitar playing that he asked him to form a new band with him. The Drivers split in 1983, but Van Eede and MacMichael joined forces in 1985 by relocating to London, England. Initially, the two made demos that led to a recording contract, before bassist Colin Farley and drummer Martin Beedle joined in 1986.

Cutting Crew is a pop rock band formed in England in 1985, best known for their United States #1 hit, "(I Just) Died in Your Arms".


80's Hits

I've Been In Love Before

Members of this Group

Azumy Aeon Flu...






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