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Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band allows audience members to record most live shows and permits non-profit trading and streaming of the audience recordings. The band cites college students trading these tapes in the early 1990s as a key reason for their current fame. Up until February 23, 1995 the band allowed tapers to plug directly into the live desk at shows but after some profiteering on these often high quality tapings, the taping policy was changed to only include microphones. The band and its management also worked with the US federal government in 1996 to launch a crackdown on for-profit bootleggers, which resulted in large-scale arrests of those responsible for illegally manufacturing and selling copies of DMB material.To further combat bootleggers, the band released their first live album, Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95, to satisfy the demand for live recordings.

In recent years it has been common to see several sources per show, sometimes as many as five or more.

Dave Matthews Band (sometimes shortened to DMB) is an American rock band formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991.
Matthews was born in South Africa. His family moved to Virginia when he was 2, then back to South Africa when he was 13. Living in both places gave him an interesting perspective on politics and racism.
Tinsley once appeared in a commercial for Twix candy bars.
Matthews runs a record label called ATO Records, which is part of his label, BMG. His first signing was David Gray.
The band allows fans to tape their shows, which helped create a large interactive community, but also led to problems when illegal bootleg CDs hit the black market.
Along with John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Willie Nelson, Matthews is on the board of directors of Farm Aid.
They have sold over 31 million units in the United States alone, putting them in the Top 100 highest selling music acts of all time.


90's Hits

Ants Marching
Crash Into Me
What Would You Say


Funny The Way It Is

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