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Dead Or Alive

  • Pete Burns has gotten plastic surgery once again in Janurary 2007.
  • Pete Burns has been connected with Indian Bollywood star Shan Mandora, and currently Michael Simpson.
  • Pete Burns appeared in 2006 on British TV's Celebrity Big Brother, earning fifth place.
  • It is general knowledge that the biggest Dead Or Alive hit is the 1984 track 'You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)', topping the UK singles chart for two weeks. However, the 1989 track 'Turn Around and Count 2 Ten' topped the Japanese charts for just over seventeen weeks.
  • Pete Burns claimed that one of his coats was made from gorilla skin, but it was later discovered to be made of Colobus Monkeys. Pete was not charged, because the pelts were imported before it was made illegial to import Colobus fur.
  • Pete regularly hired and fired many musicians, including Wayne Hussey, before settling on band's line-up.
  • Steve Coy's actual name is Stephen McCoy.
  • Pete Burns believes Boy George of Culture Club stole his androgynous image, because Dead Or Alive began recording music first and Pete was in the spotlight before George.
  • Pete Burns cannot play any musical instruments, but is sometimes seen performing a mime act on an electric guitar during Dead Or Alive music videos.
  • 1985's "Youthquake" was the commercial breakthrough in both Europe and the US.
  • The Rip It Up! Live tour featured Pete Burns miming the vocals, Steve Coy, Timothy Lever and Mike Percy playing instruments, and two dancers miming the guitar solos. The tour also featuerd male strippers.
  • Tim Lever and Mike Percy left Dead Or Alive in 1990, to start careers as freelance writers. They have both written for Pop bands, such as S Club 7.
  • 1990's "Fan the Flame (Part 1)" featured British pop band Londonbeat on male background vocals.
  • 1990's "Fan the Flame (Part 1)" was only released in Japan. "Nukleopatra", from 1995, was initially released in Japan, but became available in several countries afterwards.
  • "Nukleopatra" featured 6 different album covers, depending on which country it was purchased in.
  • The album "Nukleopatra" tells the tale of a 'rather peculiar young man', with a 'he-man body with an angel's face', and 'long black hair and a ten-inch waist', who is 'king of the she-male race'. Many consider Pete Burns to be Nukleopatra.
  • 'Sex Drive' features Pete Burns as a one-time guest-vocalist for Italian house music act Glam.
  • Pete Burns and The Smiths' Morrissey had a falling out because of Pete's love of fur coats. Later, Morrissey sent Pete a threatening post-card, warning him not to wear fur coats.
  • In 2004, Pete Burns enjoyed a brief solo career with the Pet Shop Boys produced-track 'Jack and Jill Party'.
  • Pete Burns got married in 1983. Lynn was his on-the-road image (makeup, clothes) supervisor. The couple split in 2004.
  • Pete has in the past used collagen injections, cheek implants, and recieved nose jobs. Pete also has various tattoos.
  • Pete's Autobiography "Freak Unique" was released in Spring of 2006.
  • Pete Burns previous band Nightmares In Wax released only one album, the 1979/1980 "Black Leather".

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You Spin Me Round (Like a Reccord)

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