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Del Amitri

There have been many suggestions as to what the band's name really means. The band has repeatedly stated a story corroborated on their official website that Del Amitri "Started at school in 1980, originally called Del Amitri Rialzo in order to confuse the public (name was invented for its meaninglessness; all other stories are fabrications) in west Glasgow, Scotland."

The liner notes of one album state: "...if you ask us what the name means - expect violence", strongly suggesting that the band have long since tired of this question. Speculation about the name's origins have included the Greek for "from the womb",[3] and a handbag brand name. At the very end of the band's 1996 tour diary video release, titled Let's Go Home, Currie supposedly reads an entry from the "Wonders" section of Volume 5 in Arthur Mee's The Children's Encyclopædia which, he says, refers to a false god from Greek mythology called Delametri, largest of all false gods, 458 feet (140 m) tall and made entirely of gold. It was built on sand and collapsed, killing the entire population of Tarros, the town that built it. He ends the reading saying, "There you have it: false gods built on stupidity."

When asked about the origin of the band's name again in a 2010 interview, Currie stated: "It was invented to be meaningless. Just a corruption of the Greek name “Dimitri,” basically. In... various books, it says “Del Amitri, which is Greek for ‘of the womb’” — [but] it’s not Greek for “of the womb” in any Greek dialect. But that’s become almost a fact even though it’s not a fact."

Del Amitri is a Scottish pop-rock guitar band, formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1980.
The band grew out of Justin Currie's Jordanhill College School band and came together after teenager Currie placed an advert in the window of a music store asking for people who could play to contact him.
The band was formed with the original line-up of Currie (bass and vocals), Iain Harvie (lead guitar), Bryan Tolland (guitar) and Paul Tyagi (drums).
Currie and Harvie are the only members of the band to remain present throughout its history – they are also the main songwriters of the group.


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