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  • The video for Dido's song White Flag features David Boreanaz from the hit show Angel.
  • Dido started singing with various bands in and around London.
  • By the time Dido was 10 she played piano, violin, and the aforementioned recorder.
  • Dido's first musical instrument was the recorder.
  • Dido took part in the Band Aid 20 re-recording of "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
  • She worked as a literary agent while going to law school and singing with her brother Rollo's band, Faithless.
  • Even though Dido was born in England, she considers herself Irish.
  • Dido was named after an African warrior queen.
  • Dido's height is 5'8"(1.73 m).
  • Dido's first musical instrument was the recorder.
  • Dido entered London's Guildhall School of Music at the age of six.
  • Dido was raised without television.
  • The theme song of Roswell is Here With Me by Dido.
  • Dido has worked with her brother on many of the tracks on her album and they work together almost all of the time.
  • Dido's debut album No Angel was the biggest selling album of 2001 in the UK. It went on to sell an amazing 12 Million copies worldwide.
  • Dido recently worked with DJ Faithless on the single One Step Too Far and is also on vocals for the track.
  • Dido's song Thank You was sampled by controversial rapper Eminem for his no. 1 single Stan. She also appears on vocals on the track.


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