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Dishwalla is an American alternative rock band from Santa Barbara, California. The band's name comes from a Hindi term for a person providing cable TV to a neighborhood. In a Vox interview, lead guitarist Rodney Browning Cravens claimed the band took the name out of a Wired magazine article. The band is best known for their 1996 hit song "Counting Blue Cars."

Their album Live... Greetings from the Flow State contains
1. Stay Awake
2. Madlife
3. Once in A While
4. Home
5. Moisture
6. Angels or Devils
7. Counting Blue Cars
8. Somewhere in the Middle
9. Every Little Thing
10. Give
11. Haze
12. So Much Time
Their album Opaline contains
1. Opaline
2. Angels or Devils
3. Somewhere in the Middle
4. Every Little Thing
5. When Morning Comes
6. Home
7. Today, Tonight
8. Mad Life
9. Candleburn
10. Nashville Skyline
11. Drawn Out
Their album And You Think You Know What Life's About contains
1. Stay Awake
2. Once in a While
3. Bottom of the Floor
4. Healing Star
5. Until I Wake Up
6. 5 Star Day
7. Truth Serum
8. So Blind
9. Gone Upside Down
10. So Much Time
11. The Bridge Song
12. Pop Guru
Their album Pet your friends contains
1. Pretty babies
2. Haze
3. Counting blue cars
4. Explode
5. Charlie Brown's parents
6. Give
7. Miss Emma Peel
8. Moisture
9. The feeder
10. All she can see
11. Only for so long
12. Interview with St. Etienne
Dishwalla's albums are
Pet your friends
And you think you know what life's about
Live...Greetings from the flow state
Their song Home was featured in the movie "The Banger Sisters."
Their song Stay Awake was featured in the movie "Stir of Echoes."
Their song Truth Serum was featured on the movie "Avengers".
This group is thought of as a one-hit wonder, because they are only remembered for their album Counting Blue Cars.
Counting Blue Cars gave them 2 ASCAP awards for "Rock Track of the Year" in back to back years (1996 and 1997).
Counting Blue Cars earned them a Billboard Award for Best Rock Song for 1996.
Dishwalla's labels are A&M, Warner Bros., Immergent, and Orphanage.
Dishwalla fall into the Alternative/ Rock genre.
George Pendergast is a former member of Dishwalla.
The members of Dishwalla are J.R. Richards, Rodney Browning Cravens, Scot Alexander, Jim Wood, and Pete Maloney.


90's Hits

Counting Blue Cars

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