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Doug Stanhope

  • Stanhope's career began in 1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Stanhope has made appearances at several major comedy festivals, including the Montreal Just For Laughs, US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado, the Chicago Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, where he won the Strathmore Press Award in 2002.
  • In 2004, Stanhope endorsed the Free State Project, and is quoted as saying "...the Free State Project stands out as one of few ideas that could produce tangible change in our lifetime. The vision of Christian gun enthusiasts buying hand-painted targets from pot-smoking artists, laughing together while they give the tax man the finger, is beautiful enough to make the move."
  • In August 2006 he appeared alongside Rouse at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, to rave 5 star reviews from the press. On his opening night he took what was believed to be an ecstasy tablet that was handed to him by a member of the audience. Why this seems outrageous is ridiculous, says the comic.
  • Doug lives in in Warren, Az near the Mexico border in a small compound with musician/author/galpal Amy "Bingo" Bingaman and their dogs Ichabod and Henry Phillips and cats Meatwig, Mumsy (aka Reputa the Beauta) and Mother's heirloom ancient cat Georgia.



16 An Hour
A Matter Of Size
ACID & Drugs
Adult Bookstores, Hotel Porn
America Has Jumped the Shark
As Slow as the Slowest Link
Bald Girls
Big Rubber Fist
Bobbie Barnett
Bonus Track
Booze And Chicks
Child Abuse
Child Molestation
Dead Sport
Death From Above
Destroying Your Body
Don't Pull Your D##k Out
Don't Take S##t Too Seriously
Earbody Piercing
End The Hate
Excess In Moderation
F####d A Midget
F##k Someone Uglier than You
Far Too Young
Freak Shows
Internet Porn
It's All the Same
Jizzed By Hertz
Live Life
Marriage, Kids, & Sadomy
My Kids Are My Life
Never Too Old
Not An Artist
Nothing On The Radio
Offensive To Midgets
Pace Yourself S##ually
Real Stories
Right On Time
Rubber F##k My Face
Scared Straight
School Shootings
Sex Secrets & Gossip
Shake The Baby
Smoking Section
Stop Playing God
T##s & B##tf####ing are Illegal
Terrified of Poop
The Banana Lady
The Bible & Religion
The Next Generation
The Perfect Girl
The System
The T#t F##k Joke In It's Entirety
The Truth
Then You'll F##k Me
Top Ten Laws
Topless Bar, Ugly Drunk
Truck Drivers
Vice Cops
You Need Me

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