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Duran Duran

Birmingham, England (1978 – present)

Duran Duran (named after a character in Roger Vadim’s sci-fi classic, Barbarella) is an electronic pop rock band that was part of the new wave movement of the 80s and 90s. Created by Nick Rhodes (keyboards) and John Taylor (bass) in Birmingham, England in 1978, it later add took in Roger Taylor (drums), Andy Taylor (guitar), and Simon Le Bon (lead vocals). The band has sold more than 70 million records over their more than 25 years of existence, making them one of the best-selling groups in history.

Their songs are often vivid, hook-laden pieces dance pop that have fared well on the radio, but what many remember best about Duran Duran is their iconic music videos. Though many of the videos were tongue-in-cheek, the band has never quite escaped the glamorous and decadent ‘jet set’ image that their early videos projected. Their flashy outfits and strident, art rock influenced music showed an immense debt to 70s English glam artists such as David Bowie and Roxy Music, yet the band grasped a sense of their own identity and became one of the keystones of the new romantic movement.

Their first singer and one of their original founding members was Stephen Duffy, and their original bassist was Simon Colley. Several drummers and guitarists were subsequently tried, as well as a handful of vocalists, after Duffy left Duran Duran early in 1979. The band felt that they had something special with vocalist Simon Le Bon, and the group smashed into the pop scene shortly afterwards when “Planet Earth”, their debut single, was released on 2 February 1981.

None of the Taylors in the band are related.
They are named after a character in the Jane Fonda movie Barbarella.
They first toured in the US in 1982 as the opening act for Blondie.
In 1985, John and Andy Taylor released an album with Power Station while Rhodes, Le Bon, and Roger Taylor formed a group called Arcadia.
Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy spent some time as lead vocalist before they settled on Simon Le Bon.
John Taylor once described Duran Duran's sound as "Sex Pistols meets Chic." For the 2005 reunion album Astronaut, John Taylor played late Chic bass player Bernard Edwards StingRay. John has cited Edwards as a big influence on his playing style and approach.
John Taylor's full name is Nigel John Taylor. He didn't like the name Nigel, because he thought it didn't sound "Rock N Roll Enough" for a Pop star. So, when he joined the band, he told them his name was John Taylor.
They were Princess Diana's favorite band - she and Le Bon went to the same gym. On July 1, 2007, Duran Duran played at a memorial concert for her at Wembley Stadium.


80's Hits

A View To a Kill
Girls On Film
Hungry Like The Wolf
Is There Something I Should Know
Say a prayer
The Reflex
Wild Boys

90's Hits

Come Undone
Ordinary World

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Prydferth Menyw


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