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  • Elastica were a British alternative rock band, who played punk rock-influenced music. They were best known for their 1995 album Elastica which produced singles that charted in the U.S. and the UK.
  • After initially rehearsing, recording and gigging under names such as Vaseline and Onk, the band settled on the name Elastica in early 1993 because of legal threats from The Vaselines.
  • Elastica's first LP, Elastica, was released in March 1995 and entered the UK charts at #1, becoming one of the fastest selling debut albums in UK history at the time.
  • The band became subject to controversy when several bands sued them for plagiarism. Specifially, the post-punk band Wire (whom Elastica counted as one of their main influences) claimed that many of the band's melodies were taken from Wire compositions.
  • After performing at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, the band joined the Lollapalooza tour continuing an almost solid year of constant gigging.



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