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  • His real name is Marshall Mathers. "Eminem" comes from his initials, M.M.
  • He flunked the 9th grade and eventually dropped out of school.
  • Eminem has two daughters: Hailie Jade and Laney. Hailie is his biological daughter and Laney is Hailie's cousin (Eminem's ex-wife Kim's sister's daughter) who Eminem adopted. He sings about them being sisters in the song "Mockingbird" and they are both featured in the video for the song as well.
  • Eminem was a member of the Detroit rap group D12 before he was famous. He still records with the band and released an album with them in 2001.
  • He was sentenced to probation, community service, and a fine for 2 incidents on the same day in 2000. In the afternoon, he pointed a gun at the road manager of The Insane Clown Posse, that night, he pistol-whipped a man he saw kissing his wife outside a nightclub.
  • He had trouble getting a visa to perform 2 shows in Australia in 2001. The Australian Prime Minister tried to keep him out, calling his songs "sickening and offensive."
  • For a while, he had a cartoon called "Slim Shady World" on the Internet and on DVD. He provided the voice of the title character.
  • Eminem's first album was called Infinite and it wasn't a big hit. He made it big with The Slim Shady LP
  • When Em was at school, he was severely bullied because of his brown hair and buck teeth.
  • D12's original name was Soul Intent.
  • It was the Slim Shady EP that caught Dre's attention, that later was produced by Dre and became The Slim Shady LP.
  • D12 member Denaun Porter (Kon Artis) produced most of Eminem's first album Infinite.
  • Eminem's first ever UK gig was in Islington and setup by Paul H of
  • Eminem has a younger half brother named Nathan. they are 14 years apart.
  • His mother, Debbie Briggs, has breast cancer. Eminem dissed his mom in the song "My Name Is"
  • People often picture Eminem as always in trouble with the police. His first arrest came when he hit a police car with a paintball gun, which was portrayed in a scene from his movie 8 Mile.
  • Eminem's win for Best Rap Album in 2004 for The Eminem Show made him the only Rap artist to win 3 times (previously in 2000 for The Slim Shady LP and in 2001 for Marshall Mathers LP). Instead of offering an acceptance speech when he won in 2004, he reeled off a long list of rappers who inspired him, including Ice Cube, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, 2Pac and Dr. Dre.
  • EM considers Chris Rock the funniest man alive. His favorite character of his is Pookie from the movie New Jack City.
  • When he writes his lyrics, he starts at the corner of the paper and writes downward instead of writing on the lines.

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