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Fantasia is a 1940 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and released by Walt Disney Productions. With story direction by Joe Grant and Dick Huemer, and production supervision by Ben Sharpsteen, it is the third feature in the Disney animated features canon. The film consists of eight animated segments set to pieces of classical music conducted by Leopold Stokowski, seven of which are performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Music critic and composer Deems Taylor acts as the film's Master of Ceremonies, providing a live-action introduction to each animated segment.

Disney settled on the film's concept as work neared completion on The Sorcerer's Apprentice, an elaborate Silly Symphonies short designed as a comeback role for Mickey Mouse, who had declined in popularity. As production costs grew higher than what it could earn, he decided to include the short in a feature-length film with other segments set to classical pieces. The soundtrack was recorded using multiple audio channels and reproduced with Fantasound, a pioneering sound reproduction system that made Fantasia the first commercial film shown in stereophonic sound.

Fantasia was first released in theatrical roadshow engagements held in thirteen U.S. cities from November 13, 1940. It received mixed critical reaction and was unable to make a profit due to World War II cutting off the profitable European market, the film's high production costs, and the expense of leasing theatres and installing the Fantasound equipment for the roadshow presentations. The film was subsequently reissued multiple times with its original footage and audio being deleted, modified, or restored in each version. As of 2012, Fantasia has grossed $76.4 million in domestic revenue and is the 22nd highest-grossing film of all time in the U.S. when adjusted for inflation. Fantasia, as a franchise, has grown to include video games, Disneyland attractions, a live concert, and a theatrically released sequel (Fantasia 2000) co-produced by Walt's nephew Roy E. Disney in 1999. Fantasia is widely acclaimed, and in 1998 the American Film Institute ranked it as the 58th greatest American film in their 100 Years...100 Movies and the fifth greatest animated film in their 10 Top 10 list.

Fantasia auditioned for the lead role in the musical DreamGirls, starring Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx, and Eddie Murphy. She lost the role to former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson.
Fantasia's version of "Summertime" entered the Billboard hot 100 at #1. She is the first female artist to do so with her 1st record.
Fantasia's brother Ricco is a back-up singer in her band, while they tour.
Fantasia received a Groovevolt Music Award in 2006 for 'Best New Artist'.
Fantasia's nicknames are: BoBo, Tasia, and Fantasia Fantastic.
Fantasia won the 2004 Billboard Award for 'Song Of The Year' for her first single, "I Believe".
Fantasia headlined the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival & the Reggae Sunfest in Jamaica.
Fantasia's first single "I Believe" was co-written by former American Idol contestant Tamyra Gray, who also sings backup on it.
Fantasia beat out Diana DeGarmo, the runner-up on the third season of American Idol by 1.3 million votes.
Fantasia's performance of the hit "Summertime" earned her a spot on the Emmy Awards 2004 list of 'Greatest TV Moments'.
Fantasia's cousins are the legendary R&B singers K-Ci & Jo Jo.
Fantasia cites Aretha Franklin as her earliest vocal influence, and will get the chance to record with her in December, 2006.
Fantasia remade "You Were Always On My Mind", the classic country hit by Willie Nelson.
Fantasia had an all-star team assembled for her to work with by Clive Davis that included: Missy Elliot, Kanye West, and Jermaine Dupri.
Fantasia worked with M.A.C Cosmetics in 2005 to create two new lip glosses called "Fantabulous 1" and "Fantabulous 2".
Fantasia signed on with American Rag Apparel Brand as their new spokeswoman in November of 2005. The company is making a $50,000 contribution to the Youth Aids Charity in her name.
Fantasia received an NAACP Image award in 2006 for 'Outstanding Female Artist'.
Fantasia's father Joe is suing the publishers of her book, claiming that they lied about her family members, in order to make them look bad, and make the characters more interesting. The libel suit is for ten million dollars.
Fantasia is credited with authoring her book Life Is Not A Fairy Tale by the publishers Simon & Shuster, but her grandmother, Addie Collins is actually the ghost writer.
Fantasia's book Life Is Not A Fairy Tale was released in 2005, and became a New York Times bestseller, peaking at #7.
Fantasia's debut album Free Yourself, was released released in 2004, and earned her four Grammy nominations.
Fantasia began singing in her church, with her family's singing group at the age of 5.
Fantasia was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. She attended high school there until she was sexually assaulted, she then dropped out.
She has two hit singles released: Truth Is and Free Yourself.
She is signed to J Records.
While Fantasia was on American Idol, she had trouble reading the cue cards. She says, "That kept me in the box, and I wouldn't come out." She is currently getting tutored in reading.


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I'm Doin Me

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When I See You


Without Me (feat. Missy Elliot and Kelly Rowland)

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