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Frankie J

Tijuana-born and San Diego-raised contemporary R&B artist Frankie J was raised on a steady diet of Latin music and American artists like Michael Jackson and Run-D.M.C. At the age of 15, he was involved with the Latin freestyle scene and released a series of singles on a Canadian dance label. A 1997 signing with Jellybean Benitez's Hola label never panned out, but he landed on his feet when he became a member of los Kumbia Kings. After a few years with the group, J went solo with 2003's What's a Man to Do?, a collection of ballad-dominated material that was released on Columbia. One (2005), Un Nuevo Día (2006), and Priceless (also 2006) followed.

Has become a regular guest at 106.9 KHITS Radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Considers his song "How To Deal" (2005) as his most "autobiographical song."
Once becoming a member of the successful Latin group Los Kumbia Kings.
Grew up listening to Lisa Lisa, Brenda K. Starr and George Lamond's music, thus decided to use falsetto style like Lamond did.
Was raised in San Diego from the age of 2.
Frankie's interest over music was inspired by his grandfather Feliciano Bautista, who was a violinist.
Pop-singer Michael Jackson is his inspiration.


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