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Gino Vannelli

  • Gino Vannelli (born June 16, 1952) is an Italian-Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and composer
  • Just out of high school, he signed his first recording contract with RCA under the pseudonym Vann Elli, but went on to study music at McGill University.
  • In June 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported on a recent phenomenon involving "Gino" at Boston Celtics basketball games. When a Celtics win is in the bag, the PA monitor will project a mid-1970s clip from the popular dance program American Bandstand with one of the dancers wearing a Gino Vannelli tour T-shirt from 1976.
  • This "Gino" is a well known figure in Boston Celtics lore, regarded by some as an unofficial mascot for the team.
  • In the clip a bearded young man noticeably dances his tail off, dressed in bell bottoms and a shirt -- from Vannelli's mid-1970s Gemini tour -- that simply says "Gino" on it.
  • He has forever been a cult favorite of Garden fans.

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