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Heavy D And The Boyz


Heavy Hitz is a near-definitive overview of Heavy D & the Boyz' pop-friendly dance-rap style, featuring not only the group's two big hits -- "We Got Our Own Thang" and the Top Ten "Now That We Found Love" -- but 13 more of their best tracks as well. And that's not as excessive as it might sound to casual observers; Heavy D had not only a good-natured persona and sense of humor, but also a deceptively nimble delivery on the mic, which helps enliven these already infectious party tunes. Heavy D also had a socially conscious side, recording the occasional ode to harmony between genders and races, but that isn't explored very much here; nonetheless, Heavy Hitz will likely be perfectly satisfactory for most listeners.



90's Hits

Now That We've Found Love

Members of this Group







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