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New York-based duo iiO (formerly known as vaiio and named after a computer used to write lyrics on) debuted in a local club, where their song "Rapture" was played for the first time. After becoming an Ibiza club favorite, "Rapture" started climbing charts around Europe and finally joined the Global Hits 2002 collection, released by Universal Records.

Assembled by DJ/producer/songwriter Markus Moser and singer Nadia, their first hit was soon remixed by John Creamer and Stephan K., French house act Aloud, Riva, and Deep Dish.

iiO (pronounced "eye-oh") was a New York City-based dance music act composed of singer-songwriter Nadia Ali and producer Markus Moser. The group gained prominence for its 2001 single "Rapture", which reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Following the success of "Rapture", iiO released several singles and the studio album Poetica in 2005. The album reached number 17 on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums Chart.

The same year, Ali left iiO to pursue a solo career. Meanwhile, Moser continued to release material featuring her on vocals, which included the 2006 single Is It Love? that reached number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart. In 2011, he released the studio album Exit 110, which again featured Ali on vocals and was announced as the final project of the act.

iiO (pronounced "eye-oh") is a New York City based house music act composed solely of producer and songwriter Markus Moser
Originally named Vaiio, a derivation of the Sony VAIO laptop on which the duo was creating much of their early work, the "Va" was dropped to prevent potential legal problems with Sony.



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