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  • Coppola lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where she continues to struggle with the racial friction she endured as a child. 
  • Coppola, who says she has issues with white and black people, says, "There's this double standard where the white world went out of its way to stop making fun of black people, but black people feel entitled to make fun of white people and other kinds of people.
  • On May 26, 2006 Coppola performed with Peeping Tom on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Subsequently, she went on tour with the band, providing both vocals and violin. During this tour, Imani has performed songs from her album The Black & White Album.[citation needed] In an interview with Erin Broadley in November, 2007, Coppola indicated that she had enjoyed the experience of working with Patton and other artists, which she found artistically open.
  • Coppola's eighth studio album, The Black & White Album, was released digitally on January 14, 2007 and released through Ipecac Recordings on October 30, 2007. Bill Braun wrote in Amplifer Magazine in November 2007 that Coppola's The Black and White Album has an organic nature that reflects America's diversity. The Globe and Mail wrote that The Black and White Album is a "brutally honest album that's fun to hear." Bret McCabe wrote in the New York Sun on November 13, 2007 that in The Black and White Album Coppola mixed musical genres like Brazilian pop wizard Tom Zé.
  • In November, 2007, Coppola said in interview that she was unsure if she was going to tour to support The Black & White Album, citing financial concerns. She said, "I don’t even have a car. I don’t know, I would love to put together at least one banging show together for this album. Definitely, it deserves that."

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